Patient information

For your initial appointment, we suggest that you arrive approximately 20 minutes early to allow time to find parking, locate the clinic and complete the necessary documentation.

An initial physiotherapy session is approximately 45 minutes long and will consist of subjective questioning followed by a clinical examination. Except in complex cases, treatment will usually begin on the first session. Subsequent sessions are usually 20-30 minutes, but may require an extended session, depending on the condition.

Treatment usually consists of a course of physiotherapy, and this is definitely the case for complex or chronic conditions. We believe strongly in treating only as required, and will closely evaluate and monitor progress to ensure that physiotherapy is helping you.

What to expect

  • Thorough subjective questioning and physical examination
  • An explanation of the possible source and cause of the current symptoms, and where possible a diagnosis
  • A treatment plan and treatment goals
  • Exercises and advice to facilitate self-management
  • Timely referral to other health professionals if required

Did you know?

  • Dysfunction in muscles of the head and neck may produce referred pain that closely resembles jaw pain.
  • The small joints of the upper neck can refer pain to the eye, jaw, ear, teeth, sinus, scalp or forehead.
  • Trigger points (tiny knot-like bands) within muscles can cause significant pain, and deactivating them with physiotherapy often reduces pain dramatically.
  • Clinically, in some forms of migraine, the neck may be a trigger for attacks. Targeted treatment of the neck can result in improvement in the condition.
  • Weakness of the stabilizing muscles of the neck has been shown to be associated with Cervicogenic headache. Retraining of these muscles is an effective evidence-based therapy.
  • Oral habits such as biting nails, chewing gum and grinding of teeth can have a significant impact on temporomandibular disorders.
  • Dry needling is useful at activating the body’s natural pain inhibition systems and may facilitate an accelerated recovery.


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